Our Growth Story


Ashapura Aromas Pvt. Ltd. was established replacing 2 Proprietary Companies, for backward integration of Direct Imports, excise registered in order to break the monopolies in Import trade and the restrictive business practises thereof.

2003 - 2008

In 5 years, became the Vendor-of-Choice because of proven reliability based on Best Customer Service-Centric policies and by creating a Niche Position.

2008 - 2012

Expansion of business against all odds, recessionary trends, huge competition from erstwhile established competitors. Grew 7.75 times in 6 years thus becoming No. 1 Ingredients’ supplier to the Indian FnF Industry. Secured international Agencies for India, as well as Indian sub-continent. Outperformed during Global recession in revenue and earnings.

2012 - 2015

Concentrated in expanding the range of Flavour Industry products. Got FSSAI License and entered into support to Flavour Industry. Also achieved the MSE 1 rating from Crisil.

2015 - 2018

Re-rated MSE 1 & International BBB+ multiple times by CRISIL. Established Private Customs Bonded Warehouse for better efficiencies & catering to export business more cost effectively from India, thereby earning foreign exchange to the country.

Started sourcing of International Essential Oils. Business grew in 2016-2017 to become the Largest Company in India for Distribution of FNF Ingredients. Outperformed Asian peers in Marketing and Distribution of FnF industry.

2018 - 2022

Growth Projection of 100%.

Why Ashapura?

  • We are one of the Largest Marketing and Distribution Company for Fragrance & Flavour Ingredients in India with an average Y-o-Y growth of 25%.
  • We offer widest range of products under one roof.
  • Ashapura Aromas supplies Fragrance and Flavour Ingredients from Leading Global Brands across the World.
  • Ashapura Aromas is a CRISIL MSE 1 & BBB+ rated Company [2017-18] which depicts Highest level of Creditworthiness, Performance and Stability adjudged in relation to other SMEs.
  • Approved Vendor across Top 10 Multinational Companies In FNF Industry.
  • Ashapura Aromas’ current business operations are spread across 5 Continents, 36+ Countries & 180+ cities.
  • Ashapura Aromas has 1611+ products in offerings out of which 918+ products are on the shelf with 81+ MT of Daily Average Movement, 1350+ MT Average Ready Stocks in 162000+ sq. ft. of Material Storage Space.
  • Flexibility of multiple packing for the widest range giving largest available matrix.
  • Planning to expand the portfolio to Food and Pharma Ingredients.
  • Ashapura Aromas is a member of esteemed bodies like FAFAI, EOAI & AIAMA Domestically and of IFEAT Internationally.